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Service and Maintenance
Johnson’s provides diagnostic, repair and maintenance
services for all brands of residential and commercial
heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

We utilize factory parts and industry approved methods
to maintain the integrity of the manufacturers design.

Technicians are factory trained to keep up with all of the
product changes and technological advancements while
benefiting from our decades of experience in SWFL.

Technicians are certified by several manufacturers and
air test and balance agencies. Johnson’s has always had
the self discipline to make data driven determinations
to support all of our recommendations to customers.

There have never been any sales people at Johnson’s ;
each of us are qualified technical professionals who work
for honest hourly wages to serve one customer at a time.

We have no employees paid by commission or paid for
sales leads ; success at Johnson’s is measured and
rewarded according to technical ability, customer service,
dependability and integrity to customers and coworkers.
Fabrications and Installations
There is a long list of widely used installation practices
that are common in SWFL that do not perform well ; we
will not utilize these methods even when expeditious or
lower in initial material or labor cost.

Johnson’s has fabricated and installed systems and duct
components that local professionals can recognize as our
work without it having any Johnson’s labels or logos.

We take great pride in the craftsmanship of the hundreds
of miles of ducts and piping that we have installed over
the course of five decades ; even when most of it is
concealed behind walls and ceilings where no one ever
can see it. Johnson’s never compromises quality.
Johnson’s Telephone Number 
is no longer :
  “MIDWAY - 2 - 4248”
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