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Johnson’s installs, services and supports leading humidity control technologies and products. All are subject to the humidity control limitations of the system they control. Not all controls that are suitable for controlling a dehumidifier can be used to control indoor conditions served by air conditioning systems.


Air conditioning systems can utilize thermostats and user interfaces that display the real-time indoor temperatures and relative humidity levels and display both. Some thermostats can adjust operational parameters to accommodate certain humidity control priorities, but air conditioning systems cannot be operated solely by means of an indoor humidity control.


Mechanical humidistats designed to control dehumidifiers or humidifiers for northern heating systems are poor air conditioning system controls in most SW Florida applications. Johnson’s discourages our customers from using any mechanical controls such as humidistats for today’s technologically advanced systems.


Digital controls are available to best manage air conditioning system humidity control needs and dehumidification systems used in conjunction with a central air conditioning system or for stand-alone,self-contained dehumidification components.


Integrated Humidity controls


These controls automatically operate central air conditioning systems in concert with space dehumidification systems.


Control options include the ability to set individual temperature and humidity set-points that are used to operate air conditioning systems and supplemental dehumidifiers effectively and efficiently to maintain the indoor environment required by the user.


Controls can be custom configured to serve a variety of system types and combinations of control methods. Many of the same controls used to manage advanced outside air systems and technologies are now available for use on whole-house residential systems.