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Quality air conditioning systems are not like other durable goods that are all ready to perform right out of the box. Getting the intended efficiency, performance and years of dependable operation is dependant upon quality design, installation and start up procedures.





New and Replacement Systems


Survey and Equipment Selection is the first step in installing a high quality central air conditioning system. Johnson’s can give estimates based upon the general type of system that you have and make equipment recommendations based upon the space served and owner needs.


Before finalizing equipment selection we need to survey the space served to assure that the selected equipment is the right system for the space served. Johnson’s recommends that a J Manual heat load calculation be performed to assure the equipment selected matches the real conditions.


The existing components are evaluated to confirm that duct systems, refrigerant piping, condensate drains, electrical circuits and equipment supports are adequate to reuse with the new equipment.


Measurements are taken for preparation of materials and prefabricated ducts that will be needed to install the system.


SYSTEM INSTALLATIONS vary from one application to the next. What may work well for a single family residential home may not be the best installation for a multifamily high rise. Selecting best practices or installation includes using the right techniques for the particular application.


SYSTEM COMMISSIONING & START-UP following the installation includes proper preparation of the sealed refrigeration system  before refrigerant is introduced into the piping. Multiple evacuations with deep vacuum and purging and pressure testing with dry nitrogen before virgin refrigerant is released into the new system. The system performance is documented and provides a baseline for record keeping for the new system.


PERMITS & INSPECTIONS are required and included for all replacement equipment installations in all jurisdictions of Southwest Florida. All permitting and inspection fees are included in the cost of the system.



Residential Split Systems


Residential Split System Central Air Conditioning for Single Family Homes.


Johnson’s installs new and replacement split system air conditioning systems. For existing homes we usually locate the new split system components exactly where the existing components were installed. For remodelling projects we may assist in selecting new locations when needed.


The split system condensing unit is always located outdoors. The indoor air handler may be located inside or outside of the conditioned space ; in SWFL it always preferred to locate the indoor air handler inside of the conditioned space when possible. Your air conditioner is most efficient and performs best when the air handler is located inside air conditioned space.


Outdoor  Air Handler locations include vented attic spaces and drop ceiling cavities and garage installations where the air handler is suspended below the ceiling or installed vertically on a metal platform.


Split System Air Conditioning systems comprised of an indoor air handler and outdoor condensing unit are the most popular application used for residential central air purposes.


Inverter Drive Multi-stage Systems adjust their capacity, energy consumption automatically as the real time cooling demand requires.


2-Stage Systems automatically shift between high and low speed operation as needed. Variable speed air handlers are used with 2-stage condensing units.


Single Stage Air Conditioning Systems cycle completely on and off by thermostat set-point.


Variable Speed Air Handlers can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of conventional single stage outdoor air conditioning condensing units.



Residential Multifamily systems fall into one of two categories: